Erhvervshus Copenhagen

Medarbejdere i Erhvervshuset

Erhvervshus Copenhagen offer guidance to startups and businesses with ambitions towards growth and reaching new heights of success.

The target group for Erhvervshus Copenhagen is startups and businesses, who wish to enter new international markets, develop new products and increase profit. Erhvervshus Copenhagen identifies the business’ need for development and offers targeted counseling on the next steps of development. Erhvervshus Copenhagen’s services are free of charge.

Who do we cooperate with?
Erhvervshus Copenhagen cooperates with a network of banks, financial institutions, investors, accountants and law firms, The Trade Council of Denmark and a number of other providers of public service to businesses. In addition, we cooperate with the local Business Service. As a single point of access to the many offers of counseling and support, Erhvervshus Copenhagen enables the business to choose the possibilities that optimize their further development.

Who is behind Vaeksthus Copenhagen?
Erhvervshus Copenhagen is financed by the National Agency of Enterprise and Construction and the 29 municipalities in the Capital Region of Denmark. The guidance delivered is free and independent. The vision for Erhvervshus Copenhagen is to make the Capital Region the leading region in terms of high growth businesses.

Erhvervshus Copenhagen is the shortcut to specialized knowledge, a large network and growth.

For more information contact Erhvervshus Copenhagen: 3010 8080

Sidst opdateret: 05.03.2019