On the lookout for international talent?

Highly educated international talents ready to help your business grow - mainly within tech

The city of Copenhagen (Københavns Kommune) assists businesses in finding the right candidates.

Our talentpool consists of:

  • Candidates with a Ph.d., Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree. Individuals who for varying reasons have immigrated to Denmark – eager to start a career in Copenhagen utilizing their education and experience
  • Immigrant spouses – also highly educated – watch their spouse work and create a network in Denmark and are eager to do the same
  • International students / recent graduates

Our talents are eager to work and stay in Denmark, learn the language and contribute to the success and growth of your company.

They live in Copenhagen, speak English and come with work experience, professional knowledge and technical, cultural & language skills.

They are available for all positions ranging from regular positions, wage subsidy programs, internships and student jobs.

We offer a professional and easy recruitment service matching the best candidate with your needs.

Please contact Business Consultants, Søren Engelbrecht Hansen at 2048 2153 KI4J@erhverv.kk.dk or Akilah Foote at 2365 2661 acf@erhverv.kk.dk

If you need help to solve specific business challenges, you can contact Erhvervshus Copenhagen's consultant Henriette Freris at 5213 8505 hkf@ehhs.dk

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