Call for proposals: Expert Knowledge for Danish SMEs

Deadline: 5th of June 2019 at 17.00 GMT +1.


SDG Business Booster is a business development programme for Danish SMEs. The aim is to boost the growth of small and medium-sized businesses offering sustainable solutions, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a driver. Many Danish companies are already front runners in sustainability and innovation, but it is time to bring the SDGs into the core business.

The goal is to promote the scaling and export of the sustainable products and solutions that the Danish SMEs already have by identifying and qualifying new market opportunities and helping the companies define roadmaps to exploit these opportunities.

SDG Business Booster offers two courses for the participating SMEs: SDG Labs and SDG Growth Path. SDG Labs seek to map and qualify new markets and potential customers, where SDG Growth Path addresses go-to-market strategy, value proposition and communication strategy. This tender regards SDG Labs.

sdg proposals 1

Our need

As shown in the figure below, the SDG Labs offers an expert session with the aim to assess new potential markets. The company will have identified new market opportunities on the SDG Lab Workshop, and the purpose of the expert sessions is to qualify and help select market opportunities to continue with.

The duration of each expert session should be approximately one hour, by either virtual or physical meeting.

sdg proposals 2

We will be running SDG Labs for a total of 24 companies. Approximately 8 companies between June 5th and June 21th, 2019, and 16 companies around April, 2020. In addition to the SDG Labs, the program might need additional expert sessions.

We will share the identity of the first 8 companies that the experts will be advising upon selecting a supplier. And we will share the specific nature of their requests prior to the individual expert sessions. Broadly described, some of the companies are:

  1. A supplier of services to the dry bulk shipping industry

  1. A specialty bike producer

  1. A medical device manufacturer

  1. A company that produces software for managing fleets of cars

  1. A company that helps monitor and reduce resource consumption in buildings

All proposals should contain:

  • Your qualifications to deliver a broad spectrum of experts (see list of companies above).

  • A description of your approach to deliver the expert sessions, including the amount of information you need to identify a relevant expert.

  • Examples of cases from other clients.

  • A price. We would specifically like a price for the first 8 1-hour sessions, a price for the option of additional 16 1-hour sessions, and a price per session for any additional sessions.

Selection criteria

Proposals will we evaluated due to the following criteria’s:

  • Ability to provide a broad spectrum of experts (40 %)

  • Flexibility of solution (20 %)

  • Price (40 %)

Payment terms

  • All prices are excl. VAT.

  • Invoices are issued in accordance with agreed payment plan.

  • Payment terms: 30 days from reception of correct invoice.

Copenhagen Business Hub is aware of the principles of lawfulness of soundness, financially sound management, the prohibition of enforcement of irrelevant considerations, the principle of equal treatment and proportionality.

Written offers are to be sent to project manager, Toke Hjælmsø Madsen,, titled: Expert sessions for SDG Business Booster. The proposal must be received by 5th of June 2019 at 17.00 GMT +1. It is possible to ask questions during the 14 days proposal. Questions and answers will be shared between all candidates.


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